Of Writing and Magic

I’ve read that writing is like magic, in that the author creates something out of nothing. And that reading is a bit like magic, as it can take you to fantastical worlds which exist only in the mind of the author and those reading the story.

And I guess that’s why I write some of the things I do. I want to visit the worlds I can imagine, and work with the magic of the place. Like the elemental magic of the Cote d’Or in Master of the Fleet.

I know, it takes a while to get new stories out, but as I write under two different names, it can be quite a daunting task.

As you know, up next from Sultonna is Whiskey Jug Genie. An English apothecary shop owner vacations in the American Southeast and ends up back in London with a very uncouth, redneck genie trapped in a whiskey jug. Not only trapped, but cursed to remain with the jug for life, unless someone can break the curse.

This is a more lighthearted story g than most of my other ones, with more magic and a budding romance, helped along by our two friends allying to lift a curse.

And this book should be out later in the year. It was a great deal of fun to write, and I’m so glad my husband suggested it. The idea came to him when he looked at an old jug we’d found on our property when we first bought it.

Before you ask, yes, it does have a stopper in it.

And no… After writing Whiskey Jug Genie, I’m a bit nervous about pulling that stopper.

So what else is in the works for Sultonna?

Lady Calloway’s Dilemma should come out after Whiskey Jug Genie. Still fussing with the title, but love the story. Think Victorian England, only with a church in control of both religion and the government. Our MC works as a liaison between the two and finds the girl he has married is a heretic.

Not only her, but her entire village.

In a panic, he whisks her away in an attempt to reason with her over her beliefs and save her from the confessors and wardens, who can read your thoughts and change them–whether you want them changed or not.

Of course, there is a good bit of mainstream sensual romance involved along the way.

So watch for Lady Calloway after Whiskey Jug Genie.

(Images below may not be the final version…)

In the meantime, go on over to check out Mellie Miller for my two series. Have a wonderful week.

And remember…

...Always Look For the Magic…

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