Time For Romance

It’s February. And that means it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day.

A day for Romance.

It just so happens I write about Romance, usually with a magical or mystical twist.

And books make wonderful gifts…

If you’re looking for e-books, all of my e-books will be on sale over at Smashwords from Sunday February 12 through February 18. This includes those written as Sultonna Nadine and those written by Mellie Miller.

What’s the difference?

Sultonna writes stand alone books. Right now, she only has one available–Master of the Fleet.

Mellie Miller has two series–Gambler’s Folly and Esperance.

But never fear! Sultonna will have another book out later this year. So watch for Whiskey Jug Genie!

In the meantime, go on over to Smashwords and find yourself a little Magic and Romance.

Looking for paperbacks or hardcover books?

You can find those from Mellie Miller on Amazon, as well as those from Sultonna Nadine.

And remember,

Always look for the magic.

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About Me

Thank you for checking out my blog! Sultonna Nadine is a pen name for Mellie Miller. As Sultonna, I write books which don’t fit into any of my series. But don’t worry! These stories are still filled with Romance and Magic. Some are more lighthearted, some more magical, and some delve into alternate realities.

Welcome to my worlds!


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