Master of the Fleet

If you’ve just started following Sultonna, then you probably haven’t read Master of the Fleet.

So what is it about?

Set on the coast of the Pacific Northwest of what we know as the United States, in a reality where magic is real, Richard is Master of the Fleet for his family’s shipping enterprise. As such, he has control over the elements wind and water, to keep his ships safe out on the sea.

He also has a bit of telepathy, which lets him communicate with his captains, a great help when he’s on shore and they have a situation needing his help.

Anne-Marie works as a seamstress in the same town on the coast. She and Richard have been seeing each other for nearly two years, and he has proposed to her. But she has yet to either accept or formally decline, saying she needs a little more time.

Richard thinks he’s found the woman of his dreams.

Anne-Marie thinks she’s found the perfect mark to milk for a pretty good haul before she leaves town on her way to newer pastures.

But a trip back to her home kingdom, a few too many glasses of wine, and a fit of temper change everything for these two.

In a fit of rage, she tries to stab Richard with a dagger at the Baron’s Banquet, leaving her bound by oath to Richard, the two bound together by a blood oath, courtesy of the baron, and bound by marriage vows as well.

Three magical bonds in one night. How can she escape?

And how can Richard win the heart of the woman he loves?

How about an excerpt?

“I have spared your life, which was forfeit. It is
now mine to command. Does anyone disagree?” he

There were murmurs all around, but no
disagreement. The baron shrugged his shoulders and
sat down, quaffing a large quantity of wine.
Reversing his grip on the blade, Richard held it
point down and perpendicular to the floor.
“Kiss the blade that spared your life and swear
your loyalty to me.”

The hoarse whisper echoed to the farthest
corners of the banquet hall. Trembling, Anne-Marie
pressed her lips against the sword.

“On pain of death, I, Anne-Marie Desplaines,
swear loyalty to Richard LeMarnier, until his death or
until released from my vow. Repeat it to me,” he

As she did, the baron rose from his seat and
cleared his throat.

“After the events of the evening, I will allow this
to stand under one condition.”

“And what is the condition, Your Excellency?”

Richard was careful to keep his tone respectful.
“An oath which will keep her safe and make you
her protector,” the baron replied. “Draw your dagger.”
Richard did as commanded, as the baron circled
the table.

“Make a small cut on your hand and on the

“A blood oath, Your Excellency?”

“You question me?”

“No, Your Excellency.”

With the tip of the dagger, Richard made a nick
in his hand, and its twin in Anne-Marie’s. Droplets of
blood beaded up in their palms.

“Clasp hands,” the baron instructed them.
Over their joined hands, the baron traced arcane
symbols in the air. Tingling magic swirled around their
hands to bind the oath.

“By the mingling of your blood, do you, Anne-
Marie, swear absolute loyalty and obedience to Lord
Sir Richard LeMarnier, on pain of death, for as long as
you shall live?”

She was crying and shaking so hard Richard
wasn’t sure how she was still upright.
“I do so swear,” she replied through the tears.

“And Lord Sir Richard LeMarnier, do you swear
to spare her life and guard her, as her sworn protector,
for as long as she lives?”

“I do so swear.”

“You will remain together, blood-bound, for as
long as the oath shall stand, neither one leaving the
other, nor causing harm, one to the other. Breaking
the conditions set forth will bring forth the penalty.
The oath can be revoked before death by the skills of
a baron only. Take heed.”

He motioned for someone to bring a moist towel
so they could clean their hands.

Clearing his throat, Richard said, “If you will
send someone for a priest, Your Excellency, I will take
this woman as my wife tonight.”

His Grace looked startled and asked, “What
priest will marry you under the circumstances?”

“I think he would rather we be married than
not,” Lord Richard replied. “I doubt if Anne-Marie will
object. Priest or not, she will be mine this evening.
Wife or whore, I care not which. Either way, she will
9please me well. Her life is mine to use as I see fit. If it
matters to you, fetch a priest.”

“It’s your life. So be it.”

Ready to dig in and read the rest of the story? Don’t worry. It ends in a happily ever after.

Go on over to Amazon for Kindle, paperback, or hardcover.

Or if you prefer Smashwords, you can get the e-book there in whichever format you choose.

Watch for the release later this year of Whiskey Jug Genie. A more lighthearted magical tale featuring an English apothecary owner, a redneck genie, and a magical curse.

In the meantime remember—

Look for the magic around you in each and every day…

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